Xsyon Resources patch released, improves crafting and item find

By Michael Jamias
xsyon resources patch release

The first part of the Xsyon Resources patch has gone live, making crafting a far more lucrative proposition.

The initial wave of improvements focus on creating a better resource distribution system, which developers said should encourage players to travel, trade and cooperate more in Xsyon.

The new functionalities of the new resource system include localized scavenged materials and found crafting patterns, more rare material drops in high danger regions and the introduction of new crafting materials.

MMO developers have also bumped up the crafting bonuses to all material components, added auto stacking features, and revised material weights to make carrying and facilitating trade noticeably easier for crafting fans.

With these crafting upgrades, developers aims to make the activity more universally appealing and rewarding as killing monsters in the sandbox virtual world.

Fans seem initially impressed with the scope and direction of the Resources patch, but have also started to report a few snags such as the dearth of purple items in certain extreme danger areas.

Developers promised to keep an eye out on how the major changes will impact the game world, and will spend the next few weeks gathering data and feedback in order to troubleshoot any imbalances.


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