Xsyon's new PvE server forbids player killing and looting

By Michael Jamias
xsyon new pve server

Tired of getting ganked by fellow Xsyon players and having your corpse looted clean? Well, join your fellow peace lovers in the mass exodus to the newly launched Xsyon PvE server.

The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG has launched the Xsyon "Peace" PvE server, an alternative server for those who want to enjoy playing without the hardcore, no-mercy PvP conflict.

Xsyon players campfire

The new PvE server turns off PvP combat and looting, effectively relieving the feeling of paranoia that your adventuring buddy will suddenly backstab you for your precious items.

Developers say the PvE server encourages players to live in the virtual world in a more a friendlier atmosphere, and will offer identical features as the longstanding PvP server.

But in the future, the server will diverge to focus on rebuilding the world from shambles instead of the chaotic anarchy that will prevail in the conflict-heavy PvP server.

Data from the original main world has been duplicated to both servers, allowing players the choice to play on either or both servers, assured developers. New players can maintain a character on both servers as well.

So go build a campfire and invite everyone to come with -- you're guaranteed it won't turn into a violent bloodbath.



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