Xsyon ladies get fashionable new armor sets

By Michael Jamias
xsyon female armor sets

Xsyon rolls out trendy new digs for the ladies in the form of 18 new craftable female armor sets.

But nothing's ever free in a sandbox virtual world like Xsyon, so players will need to work their butts off to scavenge and collect enough materials to make these fine female costumes.

Tailors and leatherworkers get the lucky end of the stick though because all the 200 new armor part patterns have been split between the two professions. 7 of the 18 new costumes can be made by tailors while the rest can be made by the leatherworkers.

Take a look at a sample trio of these new Xsyon female armor sets:

Take a look at the new Xsyon female armor sets

The leftmost one looks to be Native American-inspired with its feathers and war paint red colors. The second costume appears more to be civilian clothing with the brimmed hat and tight girdle. The third sample we have no clue, but the earthy colors and wild headdress suggest a wilderness theme. While the last one in the line-up is channeling the cowgirl spirit but with a feminine skirt twist.

All 18 new craftable female armor sets have gone live in the latest patch for the post apocalyptic MMORPG.

The patch also brings further balance changes to resource chance rates, cart improvements and bug fixes, including that annoying error that locks up your combat skills improperly, said developer Notorious Games.


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