Xsyon Announces Upcoming GM-Hosted Events

By Josh Wirtanen
Xsyon Announces Upcoming GM-Hosted Events

Xsyon, the apocalyptic sandbox MMORPG from Notorious Games, is becoming known for its GM-hosted events. Essentially, GMs take on the role of "Guides" and bring players together for fun-filled activities. For example, Guide Rashnu recently hosted the Deer Chieftain event, and Guide Israfel hosted a Gladiator event.

This is a trend Xsyon hopes to continue, as they've just announced a schedule of several GM events players can expect over the next month or so.

August 17 sees the "Handy-Man Provider Challenge" According to an official press release, "Navigation, crafting and organization will be the keys to winning this orienteering-style event."

August 24 welcomes the return of the popular "Haunted House" event, which has players team up, do battle with ghostly fiends, and discover hidden treasure.

August 31 is the "Ironman" race, and event of Olympic proportions that has players "running, swimming and pulling a cart all the way around founder's island."

September 7 is the "Gladiator Event," which tasks players with bringing down the dreaded Shadow Bear.

September 14 kicks off a weekend of mini-events, which should be good for players strapped for time.

September 21 is the "Crazy Basket Hunt." The press release explains: "We are giving away so many prizes it's crazy! Do you dare to venture out of the safety of your tribe and find the treasure cart?"

And September 28 is the "Mega Cross Country Challenge." It's a race across multiple zones, with Guides waiting at checkpoints along the way.

All in all, it sounds like Xsyon players will have plenty of things to do throughout the rest of August and all of September.

Xsyon Bringing GM Events to Its Apocalyptic World


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