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xsyon prelude steam early access
Steams fans should be very pleased that the fantasy sandbox mmorpg Xsyon has arrived on Steam Early Access. There's a caveat -- the Xsyon Steam release is in its Prelude development stage, meaning the version is still a work in-progress.Still, if you're interested in shaping up Xsyon Prelude, then you can purchase the title on Steam and participate in the Early Access feedback process. Developers promise to work closely with the Steam Early ...
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Jan 08 2015
xsyon cooking farming systems
What to do after an apocalypse? Rebuild of course, and part of that naturally involves planting crops and preparing sumptuous dishes to give survivors enough sustenance. Enter Xsyon's new cooking and farming systems which provides that sense of post-apocalyptic realism where players must secure stable food sources. The farming system lets players of the sandbox mmorpg plant a variety of crops. No shortcuts here. Farmers need to water, tend ...
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Sep 10 2014
xsyon tutorial survival update
Xsyon may be an apocalyptic fantasy mmorpg where death is a very real danger, but at least players will now have a fighting chance with a detailed tutorial and survival improvements that rolled out in the newest patch. Xsyon's new tutorial covers all you need to know to live another day in the sometimes unforgiving sandbox virtual world. This includes a full guide on how to build a fire, forage for food, craft armor that will protect you against...
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May 05 2014
xsyon new pve server
Tired of getting ganked by fellow Xsyon players and having your corpse looted clean? Well, join your fellow peace lovers in the mass exodus to the newly launched Xsyon PvE server. The apocalyptic fantasy sandbox MMORPG has launched the Xsyon "Peace" PvE server, an alternative server for those who want to enjoy playing without the hardcore, no-mercy PvP conflict.The new PvE server turns off PvP combat and looting, effectively relieving the fe...
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Mar 18 2014
xsyon female armor sets
Xsyon rolls out trendy new digs for the ladies in the form of 18 new craftable female armor sets. But nothing's ever free in a sandbox virtual world like Xsyon, so players will need to work their butts off to scavenge and collect enough materials to make these fine female costumes. Tailors and leatherworkers get the lucky end of the stick though because all the 200 new armor part patterns have been split between the two professions. 7 of the 18...
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Sep 12 2013
xsyon resources patch release
The first part of the Xsyon Resources patch has gone live, making crafting a far more lucrative proposition. The initial wave of improvements focus on creating a better resource distribution system, which developers said should encourage players to travel, trade and cooperate more in Xsyon. The new functionalities of the new resource system include localized scavenged materials and found crafting patterns, more rare material drops in high dange...
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Aug 29 2013
Xsyon Announces Upcoming GM-Hosted Events
Xsyon, the apocalyptic sandbox MMORPG from Notorious Games, is becoming known for its GM-hosted events. Essentially, GMs take on the role of "Guides" and bring players together for fun-filled activities. For example, Guide Rashnu recently hosted the Deer Chieftain event, and Guide Israfel hosted a Gladiator event. This is a trend Xsyon hopes to continue, as they've just announced a schedule of several GM events players can expect over the n...
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Aug 16 2013