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    Xsyon: character creation
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    Xsyon: exploration
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Xsyon Gameplay First Look -HD

Xsyon Gameplay First Look -HD

Xsyon is a fantasy sandbox free MMORPG developed and published by Notorious Games. The adventures are set in a post apocalyptical world. All human technology is gone. Lots of the things that were taken for granted for so many years don’t exist anymore. It’s a constant challenge for Xsyon inhabitants to live without inventions like motorized vehicles or computers. As active participants, players get to influence Xsyon world and story. The landscape is continually changing as players build towns, chop down forests or hunt animals. There is no interference from Xsyon game masters when it comes to play style freedom. Every aspect of Xsyon experience (social, economic, etc) is player created.

Players aren’t restricted in any way when developing their Xsyon playable characters. Playing as a fighter or as a peaceful farmer, as a merchant or as a crafter everything is possible in Xsyon. You can choose to get involved in Xsyon virtual game social aspects by becoming a guild master or a city ruler. If you prefer adventuring into the open world as a monster slayer, treasure hunter or explorer, that is also possible. Xsyon experience is fun and enjoyable for all types of players (hardcores or casuals). A distinct Xsyon feature is that low level characters are not completely underpowered. Each starting Xsyon character is given moderate capabilities. Players have to learn to master their skills and adapt to various situations. Leveling up just to increase stats and unlocking better gear is not the Xsyon way to go. There are no fixed paths or optimal questing routes. Players are encouraged to play Xsyon just as they see fit, make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes. Each Xsyon character has 7 stats: strength, agility, fortitude, intelligence, perception, spirit and charm. Stats can be increased by performing certain activities. Neglected stats can decrease. XP points can be invested into stats to boost them. When creating a playable character, players choose some physical traits. However, a character’s appearance suffers changes over time. They can grow old, gain or lose weight and so on. All Xsyon equipment is created by players. Crafting is an important Xsyon feature. There are 8 crafting stages. The first one is novice and the last one is grand master. Players have to gather mats and obtain crafting patterns or recipes in order to produce items. Building is another main Xsyon feature. Complex constructions ranging from houses to monuments can be built.

Players interact with Xsyon environment. There is a climate system with 4 seasons. Weather and temperatures change depending on the time of the day. Rain, snow, wind and other atmospheric conditions affect Xsyon population. Xsyon virtual world is inspired by real life locations. Lake Tahoe was chosen as an inspiration. This is the starting zone for Xsyon players. Game world borders are represented by green mist. As new zones become available the mists clear. At the moment, only a small portion of Xsyon is revealed.

By Rachel Rosen


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