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World Of Cubes is a virtual world MMO developed and published by Solverlabs. The gameplay has sandbox features, crafting and survival mechanics. World Of Cubes can be played alone or with other players. Players are free to set up their own goals. They can play it as a survival game where the main objective is to make it alive through the night. Building and crafting features give those who are passionate about creating content plenty of things to do. The map editor lets players design private and public maps. Different game modes are available. World Of Cubes customization allows players to walk around with unique avatars dressed up in one of the more than 150 available costumes.

Survival mode is played as single player. The maps for this mode are randomly and infinitely generated. Players build, craft and explore during the day and during the night they hide in their shelters. Monsters like zombies and pumpkin heads come out at night and try to break into players homes. World Of Cubes is one of the virtual world games in which players have to acquire resources. These are obtaining by digging and mining. Resources are used to build constructions and to create items. World Of Cubes survival mechanics require players to consume food in order to avoid starvation. Food is another player created item. Players can hunt animals like pigs and cows and consume the meat. Survival mode maps are virtually infinite. The game randomly generates content so players never reach the end of the map. Dying is part of the game's mechanics. If players happen to die in this mode, they can use the resurrection pack to recover their items. World Of Cubes has multiplayer content. In multiplayer modes, players will interact and join forces to create their own adventure. There are more than 1000 available maps. Players can join one of the public maps or create their own map. User created maps can be shared with selected players and with the entire community.

Character and texture customization is available. World Of Cubes offers seven costume categories with unique items. There are more than 150 different outfits. Players can dress as an angel, a vampire, an athlete or as their favorite cartoon character. Four different texture packs can be used for construction. Players can make their creations look classic, modern, high tech or medieval. Ten uniquely themed maps give players the chance to have fun on a pirates island, in a fantasy world, on a relaxing farm or in a Halloween themed world. World Of Cubes is a free to play MMO available on several systems. The game can be played on mobile devices and computers. World Of Cubes PC version requires Windows 10 and can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

By Rachel Rosen

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