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  • Woozworld: home

    Woozworld: home
    Once you make yourself a confortable home you can invite your friends over to party....
    Woozworld: home

    Woozworld: photo

    Woozworld: photo
    Take a photo of yourself and share it with your friends on your wall....
    Woozworld: photo

    Woozworld: public

    Woozworld: public
    Going out in a public zone is great place to make new friends you can also invite your friends to join you....
    Woozworld: public

    Woozworld: spend

    Woozworld: spend
    For the money you earn you can buy things for your home or spend it on new clothes....
    Woozworld: spend
  • Woozworld: public zone

    Woozworld: public zone
    Another screenshot of public area...
    Woozworld: public zone

Woozworld is a highly popular, social-based virtual worlds game that is available to play directly through your browser. Woozworld offers many features and mechanics that would appeal to the younger gaming audience and is backed by a highly dedicated development team to reassure parents that Woozworld is one of the most child-friendly games on the internet.

When players join Woozworld they get to create their very own virtual character, a Woozen. There are literally thousands of different possible combinations for your Woozen as the game provides many different customization options for your character. Woozworld allows players to change every aspect of their character at creation, from the basics such as hairstyle and clothing, to more advanced cosmetic features such as makeup and face type.

As well as a hugely customizable personal avatar system, Woozworld also provides players with Unitz, a unique personal space that players can customize and develop into their very own comfort zone. Much like the character creation system, there are thousands of items available for your personal space, with everything from furniture to decorations included. Unitz are a great place to invite your friends too, an awesome spot for a party or a good place to relax at the end of a hard day.

Woozworld offers players a chance to exercise their creativity in a totally unique way, by providing the ability to create your own clothing. Fashion plays an important part in Woozworld as players can purchase hundreds of different

items to further customize their character. Various in-game systems allow you to create you own personal clothing style and then show it off on the catwalk or even sell it to other players for fame and riches.

If you're looking for a fun and save virtual world full of thousands of other teenagers, there's not many better than Woozworld. A unique game that provides players with highly customizable avatars and rooms, the unique ability to create your own fashion line and enough social features to get everyone making friends in no time.

By Rachel Rosen

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