Score Free Mounts During the Trove Sunfest Event

By Jeff Francis
Trove Sunfest 2017 announced

While traveling throughout the colorful virtual world of Trove is a treat in of itself, it's always more fun while doing so on a mount. Players will now have a greater opportunity to get their greedy little mitts on a whole slew of mounts during the Trove Sunfest event that Trion Worlds has recently announced. Players can log in every day during the event, which runs from July 12th through July 24th, to gain a free Golden Ticket Chest, and the potential rewards are definitely worthwhile.

Trove pinatas

The Golden Ticket Chests that players snag for free during the Trove Sunfest event features the following top rewards:

Hyper Pinata EX mount: This is a pinata mount that sprouts Pinata Wings on your Trovian whenever you mount up. As if that wasn’t enough, this winged pinata also glides and can fire off a powerful breath attack just like a dragon!

Draconic Superiority Complex: This rare prize will unlock the following 15 dragons: Erel, The Ironbolt; Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow; Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark; Selene, the Celestial Storm; Panatea, the Partifier; Ludini, Patron of Playfulness; Fortras, the Herald of Battle; Albairn, Voice of Dawn; Aurim, Keeper of Histories; Dracocolatl, the Mellower; Thallasion, Shaper of the Currents; Drak-O-Lantern; Inora, Flame of the Enlightenment; Tysorion, Steward of new Beginnings; and Tannenbomber, the Harbinger of Tidings.

It’s Raining More Mounts: Unlocks almost every mount in Trove! Too many mounts to list in one place but it’s a ludicrous amount of mounts.

The Trove Sunfest event also features double xp, increased harvesting, greater ore, and lots of other bonuses. In addition to all of the above, the virtual worlds of Trove are being invaded by Shadow Pinata brutes. Players can find these entities scattered throughout the game, and there will be Trove Sunfest quests that will reward players for defeating them. Also, players can earn Pinata Coins from defeating these fiends, and these coins can be traded to Pinates the Purveyor for rewards, such as a Pinatataur mount, a Dormant Worldspring Dragon Egg (that can be used to craft Tysorion, Steward of New Beginnings), or the Hyped-Up Pinata mount.

Make sure you log in every day once the Trove Sunfest event begins on July 12th to have your chance at gaining some really cool mounts!


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