Trove to roll out Forging feature and Fae Trickster class

By Michael Jamias
trove forging fae trickster preview

Spring is definitely in the air at Trove! The voxel-based virtual world game is welcoming the visually refreshing Forging feature and the fluttering Fae Trickster class sometime this month based on the latest monthly sneak peek blog post.

The Trove Forging feature lets you customize your gear "in a variety of ways, ensuring you'll never have to choose between appearance and functionality again." We're guessing this means you can upgrade a powerful item and change its appearance, or conversely, boost the stats of a gorgeous but lesser-tier item so you can use it competitively. This expands on the the build-anything-you-want concept that supports Trove.

Trove's Fae Trickster class also flutters into the MMORPG this April. Don't be fooled by this Fae Wilds native's cute looks; the wizard class is an adept magic user that can befuddle and blast hostiles with powerful illusions and arcane spells.

These April additions follow the changes implemented back in March, such as the rapid-fire digging care of the new Lasermancy upgrade, and the introduction of Worlds which offer players a place of respite or adventure. March was also marked by the entry of permanent gear that bade goodbye to weapon decay when players infused their most valuable gear with extra-durable materials so they can last a lifetime.


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