Trove calls on the community for new biome and class ideas

By Tam Mageean
trove biome

Development for Trove has been chugging along nicely. The new upcoming virtual worlds project, which offers a similar theme to the voxellated voyages of Minecraft or Cube World was first announced in November after a series of mysterious posts appeared on Twitter. The developers at Trion Worlds; known best for its PvP mmo games, like Defiance and Rift have been incredibly open, throughout development, regularly sharing their progress in blogs, video posts and even livestreams.

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Along the way, they've revealed a bunch of stuff from their drawing boards; from the "Forge" upgrade system, to new classes, to gameplay enhancements, but now they're calling on the community to take the next step.

"We’ve unlocked our 9th Bonus Milestone, a collaborative creation between players and devs to design the next Biome and Class."

The Milestones, they mention, are in relation to their private, crowdfunding campaign, which recently announced instant alpha access to anyone donating in their Adventurer Tier ($25) and above.

This week, the devs have opened up a subreddit, where fans can submit suggestions for the next biome style and class, which will then be voted on from April 23rd - 27th.

If you have any wishes for new Trove features, head over to Reddit and share your ideas.


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