Trove News

Trove Sunfest 2017 announced
While traveling throughout the colorful virtual world of Trove is a treat in of itself, it's always more fun while doing so on a mount. Players will now have a greater opportunity to get their greedy little mitts on a whole slew of mounts during the Trove Sunfest event that Trion Worlds has recently announced. Players can log in every day during the event, which runs from July 12th through July 24th, to gain a free Golden Ticket Chest, and the po...
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Jul 11 2017
Trove Megalithic update launches
There's nothing like an invasion of dinosaurs to get the creative juices flowing. Of course, we're talking about such an invasion within the confines of the virtual worlds of Trove and not in real life. It's a safe bet to say that if dinosaurs began rampaging around the streets of New York or Dallas, people would be freaking out and not figuring out ways to tame them to be really cool mounts. The new Trove Megalithic update is now live for the wo...
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Jun 27 2017
Trove console launch date announced
PC gamers have been enjoying voxel-based adventures in Trove for quite some time, and it's now time for console players to get into the action. Trion Worlds has announced the official Trove console launch date for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Over four million console players have participated in the virtual worlds mmo's open beta so far. The official launch date for the Trove console version is set for March 14th.While the Trove cons...
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Mar 01 2017
trove china launch 2017
Just a month after announcing that Trove is coming to the console realm, Trion Worlds dropped another ambitious bomb: The free to play mmo is heading to China.Trion Worlds has partnered with 360 Games in the hopes of bringing the voxel virtual world to the hands of millions of Chinese PC gamers. There will be intensive localization involved in rolling out the Trove China launch, as well as developing custom content for the local crowd. Alre...
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Aug 12 2016
trove console
We all remember the slow, but steady global domination plan carried out by Mojang, as their voxellated mmo, Minecraft steadily migrated from PC, to console, all the way down to Raspberry Pi. Now, there's a creeper in every comic book store and a Steve in every supermarket, so it comes as no surprise that other sandbox titles want to develop a similar footprint. This week, we see Trove taking the plunge into consolized cube construction. Trion Wo...
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Jul 12 2016
Five days of free Trove Mantle of Power rewards
Trion Worlds is really celebrating the release of the Trove Mantle of Power expansion that is now live for all players. While the expansion for the virtual worlds mmo offers a bevy of new content, players will also be able to get their greedy little hands on some free rewards for just logging into the game. Starting on April 28th, players can automatically earn a different reward each day once they sign into the game.The free Trove Mantle of ...
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Apr 26 2016
trove mantle power expansion live
The first Trove expansion, Mantle of Power, is finally here and brings an electrifying surge of new content for the privileged head start participants. Those with a head start access -- obtained by purchasing one of three expansion editions -- can already start exploring the expanded virtual world ahead of the MMO masses. Trove Mantle of Power head start participants will be allowed to enter the Elemental Adventure Worlds, level all the way to ...
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Apr 22 2016
Trove Lunar New Year Dragon mount added
One of the benefits of playing online games in today's environment is that developers look to many different cultures for inspiration. While I love and adore the fantasy ethos of Western Europe, I also enjoying playing in games that dip into the lore of regions such as Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Trove virtual worlds mmo is looking to China for inspiration for their latest addition to the game, a really cool dragon mount. Trion...
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Feb 16 2016
Changes coming for core Trove features
There is no doubt that Trion Worlds has had a major success with Trove. The virtual worlds mmo quickly carved out a niche for itself in the realm of pixel-based creative building games, and the game reached the milestone of having one million active users back in August. Yet players should steel themselves for some major changes to core Trove features in the near future, specifically in regards to cubits, classes, and patrons.The upcoming cha...
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Jan 29 2016
trove pvp
How can a game as cute as Trove have PvP? Trove has always been such a relaxing game. It's brightly colored virtual worlds have always been filled with wonder and adventure - the kind of game you would boot up at the end of a stressful day to wind down with your friends. However, the guys over at Trion Worlds think differently and have brought in a new Trove PvP feature, known as the battleverse. The Battleverse takes place in an alternate mmo...
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Dec 09 2015