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    Trove: classes
    The game currently offers 4 unique classes to play as....
    Trove: classes

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    Trove: explore
    Explore the large open world by yourself or with friends....
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    Trove: crafting
    Crafting is simple but offers a large amount of items to make....
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    Trove: gear
    Collect a lot of different gear to give your character better stats and a unique look....
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Trove Gameplay First Look - HD

Trove Gameplay First Look - HD

Adventure through endless worlds in Trove, the free to play mmo developed by Trion Worlds. Gamers are able to explore totally modifiable worlds that are randomly created and then move on to a brand new world when certain winning conditions are met. This voxel-based game can be compared to Minecraft, but it is so much more. In this game, players can choose to run through their own world solo, adventure with friends, open up the world to all players, or join another gamer's world.

The virtual worlds of Trove are never-ending. The environments of the game world are totally destructible. Want to smash your way through a mountain instead of going over it? You can! Each world is randomly generated and is filled with dungeons, monsters, buildings, and resources. Each world has their own unique "win" conditions that all players work towards. When those conditions are met, that particular world ends and a new one is randomly created with all new environments, denizens, and objectives. Online players will always be experiencing the wonder of discovering something new as each world that is created is new and different.

Characters will grow in power as they journey through a particular world's existence. Once a particular world is wiped out and a new one begins, the character's powers will reset. A player's character is able to play any class in the game and can swap them to fit into any type of adventure. Inventive players will have a field day as they can create an endless amount of content, ranging from items to buildings to monsters. These player-made entities can  be shared with others and as more content is created by players, the greater the pool that Trove can pick from when creating a new world. You can create almost whatever you want within the game's world if you wish, and if you see something you don't like, well you can then smash it to pieces.

Unlike other virtual world games, Trove does allow the player to keep a part of what they've experienced and bring it with them into new worlds. Each player has their own home base, called a Cornerstone, that travels with them. The Cornerstone is fully customizable and is where a player stores their loot from previous worlds. A player's Cornerstone is able to be seen and accessed by other players who are adventuring within that particular world.

All in all, Trove keeps the joy of discovery alive as players will always be moving on to new worlds. Gamers will be able to play in the style that they wish. If they want to concentrate on crafting and creating homes, items, or monsters, then they can. If they prefer to quest through randomly created dungeons, then they can. If you have the wanderlust of an explorer, then you can travel through the new landscapes of each world and share your experience with others. Adventure walks hand-in-hand with creativity in this virtual worlds mmo.

By Jeff Francis


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