New and improved The War Z returns to Steam

By Michael Jamias
the war z steam sale

The zombie survival MMORPG game is again on sale on the Steam digital sale platform, but this time around it offers several content updates to boot.

Players can download the current version of The War Z for $15 and plunge into a zombie-infested virtual world. The game now boasts both normal and hardcore play modes, as well as nifty community features that help you survive the infestation like creating your own Clan and taking your pick among dozens of melee and firearm weapons.

The War Z is only available for the PC (Sorry Mac users) and requires these basic specs to run:

-    Windows Vista/Windows 7
-    3 GB (HD)
-    4 GB RAM (Memory)
-    2.4 GHZ Quad Core or better (Processor)
-    Nvidia GTX 460/ATI Radeon HD 5850 (Graphics Card)
-    Direct X 9.0 and Windows compatible sound card

Those with more cash to spare can consider purchasing the pricier The War Z bundles. The basic game plus 2,100 Gold Credits can be purchased for $25 while the basic game plus 7,500 Gold Credits sells for $50. Gold Credits can be spent on the item mall for cosmetic and power upgrades. Players who saw these bundles back in December have noted though that they have become a tad more expensive, which should give fans some pause whether the Gold Credits are worth their value in real cash.


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