The War Z zombie-walks to closed beta on October 31

By Michael Jamias
the war z closed beta october 31

The War Z, probably the most anticipated post-apocalyptic zombie virtual game this year, creeps into closed beta testing by the end of this month.

The War Z is offering two early purchase packages, which if bought, will unlock access to the closed beta that takes survival fans into the bleak first world of “Colorado,” said Arktos Entertainment Group and Hammerpoint Interactive in a release.

The Survivor package costs $19.49 until October 20, after which it will return to its standard $29.99 price. The Survivor package will unlock the closed beta access on October 31.

Meanwhile, the Pioneer package costs $29.99 until October 20, after which it will return to its standard $49.99 price. The Pioneer package unlocks access to special early Alpha access on October 15 on top of closed beta access on October 31.  This premium buy-in set also gives mmo game goodies such as $15 worth of in-game currency, a special forum badge indicating pioneer community member status, and one-month of “Stronghold” map server hosting which will grant the player world-building privileges.

“We’ve been working non-stop to tweak and balance the game to where we feel comfortable beginning to bring more players in,” said Sergey Titov, executive producer for The War Z. “We are now at that point, but this is where the real work begins.  We want to work with our players to build and add additional features, remove those that they don’t like and continue to evolve The War Z to be the best zombie survival-sim available.”

The War Z is a multiplayer online rpg, survival-simulation game set in a zombie-infested virtual world five years after a viral outbreak. Human society has devolved into a “lawless, nomadic society where the sole objective is to survive at any cost.”


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