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  • The Missing Link: home

    The Missing Link: home
    When you are not trying to save the world from cardboard monsters or attempting to find the 'Beer of the Gods', your character can...
    The Missing Link: home

    The Missing Link: parody

    The Missing Link: parody
    The Missing Link is full of references to movies and parodies of other games. This is not an MMORPG that is trying to take itself ...
    The Missing Link: parody

    The Missing Link: weapons

    The Missing Link: weapons
    Different weapon combinations unlock new skills to use in combat. Instead of having the skills learned from skill points or levels...
    The Missing Link: weapons

    The Missing Link: death

    The Missing Link: death
    The Missing Link's death system is similar to older MMOs. If you die, get ready to corpse run! Fortunately, there does not seem to...
    The Missing Link: death

The Missing Ink Gameplay

The Missing Ink Gameplay

The Missing Ink or TMI is a free to play virtual world MMORPG developed and published by RedBedlam. It’s a multiplatform game available to players on Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. The Missing Ink can also be played in a web browser (Unity needed). Mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) are supported as well. There are 2 features that best describe The Missing Ink: player generated content and a unique sense of humor. Every The Missing Ink player has a Blurb. This is an instanced space and players can shape it in any way they like. A creation is meant to be shared so each Blurb has a web address (an URL like any other website). This way, players can view other players’ Blurbs.

Players adventure into The Missing Ink world as members of the Ministry of Defending Stories. The Missing Ink is full of references to well known tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Emperor’s New Clothes and many more. But there’s a catch. Something went wrong and someone messed up the stories. It’s the players’ task to investigate and shed light on this affair. Each story is presented in a funny way. Two of The Missing Ink stories are The Beer and the Gods and The Princess and the Troll. The first one is based on a Viking tale and the second one has a medieval setting. Players can explore these virtual worlds, build constructions and add new features thanks to The Missing Ink editing tool. The marquee feature allows players to build large structures. The Missing Ink NPC vendors provide players with everything they need for building and customizing. There are also quests to solve. Ruth is the first The Missing Ink NPC players encounter. Each The Missing Ink player can create a unique avatar by selecting different physical traits, outfits and hair styles. As players advance more customization options unlock.

Players that wish to engage in The Missing Ink PvP activities should flag themselves for PvP. The combat system is not very complicated. Players equip weapons and attack each other with normal and special moves. Advanced weapons come with all sorts of skills and abilities that can be used in combat. Some skills deal damage while some provide buffs and support for team members. Like any free to play MMO The Missing Ink has premium features. Credits are premium currency used for The Missing Ink. The online store is the place where players can spend credits for all sorts of The Missing Ink items (new avatars, more storage space, etc.).

By Rachel Rosen

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