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Sunset Rangers is a Wild West themed virtual game developed and published by 9heads Game Studios. It's a game that sends players back in time to experience the life of an outlaw trying to survive in a land where every day comes with a different challenge. Sunset Rangers features a massive world that waits to be explored. Getting across deserts it's no walk in the park, some may find their end at the bottom of a ravine and the company of others may not always be beneficial. Sunset Rangers allows players to take on challenges with a group of buddies but also as lone wolves. Varied forms of PvE and PvP content are available.

The game world is randomly generated and players will find a new adventure each time they head out into the wild. Dynamic events are also present. Sunset Rangers is one of the virtual worlds that have random adventures. Proper equipment is mandatory to survive a long trip in the desert or even a day in a town filled with enemies. There are multiple ways to acquire equipment. Taking down mobs and looting them is one way. Crafting is a valid method as well. Killing other players works too. Just like maps, weapons are also randomly generated. Each weapon has its characteristics such as different barrels, ammo, chambers or blocks. Sunset Rangers players will pick weapons and tools according to their class or specialization. The game also has survival features. Food and water are necessary to keep a character in good health. Exploration is a rewarding activity that gives players the chance to obtain various items. Treasures may hide in ordinary crates or barrels. Players hide their valuables in stashes but no place is safe enough. Others may find and loot the stash. Peaceful Sunset Rangers players can become craftsmen and traders. It's possible to make a living as a blacksmith or as an equipment merchant. Customization options allow players to disguise themselves as cowboys or soldiers.

PvP is fully supported but Sunset Rangers has rules to punish unfair behavior. Those who abuse the PvP system will get a reputation as Bandits and may even become the Most Wanted players on the server. The MMO technology allows 200 players on a server. Private customized Sunset Rangers servers are also available. It's easy to interact with other players thanks to the friends list. Mounted combat is another feature. Developers encourage players to give feedback so they can provide a better gameplay experience. Sunset Rangers is available on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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