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  • Stardoll: room

    Stardoll: room
    Organize your room in any way you want with options to scale items or turn them....
    Stardoll: room

    Stardoll: suite

    Stardoll: suite
    Change your clothes in your locker room....
    Stardoll: suite

    Stardoll: shop

    Stardoll: shop
    You can buy lots of interesting stuff in store such as pets furniture or clothes....
    Stardoll: shop

    Stardoll: try clothes

    Stardoll: try clothes
    Go out to shopping and try out new clothes before buying them....
    Stardoll: try clothes

Stardoll is a MMO dress up virtual worlds game published and developed by Stardoll Media. Stardoll is primarily aimed at the younger female audience and has an established player base of over 100 million members across the globe.

The main aspect of Stardoll is the Medoll, your personal avatar in the game. When you begin the character creation process you can change practically every feature about your Medoll, creating one of the most in-depth character creation systems available in this genre. There are over 60 billion different combinations you can create at the start, with changes available for everything such as hair, makeup and accessories. It is even possible to create a Medoll that looks similar to friends and family, or even your favorite celebrity.

As every girl knows, fashion is everything, and Medoll delivers on every level. Players can visit the fabled Star Plaza and go shopping for thousands of different items, including designer labels. You can change every aspect of your character in this monstrous shopping mall, featuring shops that sell every item of clothing imaginable. If you're not content with the 1000s of available items, you can even create your own fashion line and sell it on to other players, creating an unlimited amount of possible clothing items.

Every Medoll also gets access to their own personal suite, a single apartment room that can be decorated with various items. Players can purchase extra items of furniture, large bouquets of flowers or expensive marble statues. There is almost as much customization options for your suite as there is your Medoll.

Take part in dozens of social events, including parties and attending the latest club launch. Stardoll comes complete with an in-depth friends list, a great chat system, and a number of other features that make socializing with other fashion fanatics as easy as pushing a button.

By Rachel Rosen

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