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starbound release
One of the weirdest, modern day issues we're seeing in the launch of mmo games is something I like to call "The Lazy Sunday Effect". Gone are the days of global launch campaigns, holiday release windows and deadlines. In the modern gaming world, thanks to crowdfunding, early access and founder's packs, devs can start making their money back, heck, even turn a profit in some instances, before ever launching a game. This leads to many modern mmo ...
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Apr 06 2016
starbound overhaul
In an ambitious move, the developers at Chucklefish are remaking the entire Universe in Starbound, granting players with a whole new array of virtual worlds to explore. "As we said before, the current progression is entirely temporary, existing to provide temporary gameplay whilst we work on the engine", the Chucklefish team explained this weekend on the official Starbound website. The final version of the sandbox mmo will have three distinct U...
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Feb 24 2014