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  • Starbound: races

    Starbound: races
    The Game offers 6 unique playable races to pick from....
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    Starbound: crafting

    Starbound: crafting
    The Crafting System is very in depth and fun....
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    Starbound: explore

    Starbound: explore
    Explore planets to find resources, new weapons, or even civilizations....
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    Starbound: hunting

    Starbound: hunting
    Hunting and fighting bosses is a great way to find fun costumes to wear....
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Starbound Gameplay First Look - HD

Starbound Gameplay First Look - HD

Explore an infinite universe in Starbound, the virtual world mmo developed by Chucklefish. Players take on the role of a person who has fled their world only to crash-land on another. It's up to the player to explore, harvest resources, fight alien creatures, and build whatever they wish in this sandbox online game.

Players pick from one of six different alien races to play in Starbound. Just as other virtual world games have done, this game randomly creates worlds for players to explore. This side-scrolling 2D game also creates monsters, weapons, and more. Players can travel the universe in their own personal starship that they can decorate and customize as they wish. Using the starmap, players can venture to new worlds and undertake quests, explore dungeons, and mine resources. It's up to the player to decide on what they wish to do and play the game however they see fit. Want to devote your time to building a humble cabin or a sprawling city? Rather spend your time venturing into dungeons and searching for loot and treasure? Want to use the game's incredibly robust crafting system that features thousands of items? In Starbound, you can do all of these things as much or as little as you want.

While Starbound is truly a sandbox game like other virtual games, there are also quests to help focus the player if they choose to undertake them. The worlds of this game can be modified by the player by molecularly altering the landscape through the use of gadgets. Character customization is extremely high and characters can learn new skills as they progress in the game. The player is never truly alone in this online game as npcs are scattered through the worlds, interacting with the player and offering quests and challenges. Gamers will find populated settlements where they can take on a job and earn a living. You can also play with friends as all content is available in online drop-in/drop-out co-op. If you're looking to rumble, you can engage in some PvP as well.

The universe is truly the limit in Starbound. You might find yourself fighting a skeletal dragon on one desert world, then travel to a world filled with eyeball trees and decide to build a farm. This game allows players to experience the game to suit their own particular playing style. Players can explore, forage, craft, fight, build, and more in this never-ending mmo.

By Jeff Francis


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