Star Citizen airs YouTube series on modding competition

By Michael Jamias
star citizen modding competition youtube series

See which team will win in Star Citizen's "The Next Great Starship" modding competition through a weekly YouTube series.

Starting today and every Friday at 6pm Eastern/ 3pm Pacific, Cloud Imperium Games will drop a YouTube episode tracking the elimination process until one winner emerges. You can watch the elimination series live on the Roberts Space Industries YouTube channel.

The winning team will get a chance to create a space ship in the upcoming space virtual game as well as a cash prize of $30,000, so we'll likely see all teams bringing out their A-game to outshine the rest.

Here's a recap of the competition and finalist entries that include some very impressive-looking modding set-ups:

The judging panel will include key members of the Star Citizen art, design and animation teams, plus the creator himself, Chris Roberts. Celebrity judges are even slated to appear in later episodes.

How will the elimination process go?

"Over the next three weeks that number will shrink even more with judges picking 15 finalists and the community having an opportunity to vote for one team that will make it into the final 16," said MMO developers.

"Every week after that, each team will provide work-in-progress videos to the panel and face the possibility of elimination. Judges can save teams and the community also has a vote on who stays and who leaves. It all culminates in The Next Great Starship finale airing on June 7 from Los Angeles," they added.


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