Star Citizen Funding Reaches $43 Million

By Jeff Francis
Star Citizen funding hits $43 million

The runaway success of Chris Robert's virtual worlds space sim continues. In the latest official blog post, he reveals that the Star Citizen funding has reached $43 million and that a new stretch goal has been met. This is doubly remarkable as the game had just hit their last stretch goal of $41 million earlier this month. Gamers who had pledged before that milestone was reached will receive an updated observist guide, an explorer-class mobiGlas rig, a Gladius fighter, and, naturally enough, a towel as you can't explore a galaxy without one. (For those who don't get the joke, the towel is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books by Douglas Adams.)

Star Citizen gladius

Star Citizen backers who helped the game reach the $43 million goal will get the ORC marine combat armor added to their accounts. While the armor doesn't offer the same protection as the Marine's Nail-armor of their SpecOps variants, it is better than standard-issue infantry body armor.

The next stretch goal for Star Citizen is $44 million, which will unlock the stellar cartography feature. This will allow players to have their own map room where they can leave notes on their travels and encounters as well as marking favorite jump points. The $45 million stretch goal is a mystery object called the Hadesian Artifact. This goal was voted on by the backers, and instead of choosing a new ship or weapon system, they went for a mystery object that is essentially a puzzle that they will have to figure out in-game. I think that this is a pretty cool idea as that the community was willing to go for items that will enhance the story and not just help their min/max ratios.

Overall, every gamer has to impressed with the resounding success of Star Citizen. Virtual world games such as this were considered a hard sell, but Chris Roberts and his crew took it directly to the gamers, who have responded enthusiastically. It'll be interesting to see how far Star Citizen will go in regards to their crowdfunding success.


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