Star Citizen devs reveal design process behind Freelancer ship

By Michael Jamias
star citizen freelancer ship design preview

Star Citizen's band of ship creators led by Chris Roberts has unveiled the work-in-progress diary for the Freelancer on its official website.

The Freelancer is an efficient, mid-sized transport ship that will be ferrying folks and goods across Star Citizen's sprawling futuristic virtual world.

In the WIP diary we get to see the extensive design process that goes into making the Freelancer (and all the other ships in the multi-million Kickstarter-funded MMORPG) in the form of collaboration messages between artists, designers, and producers.

The Freelancer design starts with a concept brief that leads to a few sketches, making sure that it has a unique and striking look that also matches well with its predetermined ship specs and stats.

The sketches then progress iteratively to 3D models then to renders, gaining more detail and colors with each pass. The interiors are fleshed out to make it as cool to look at outside as it is to explore inside, and the landing and flying physics are polished. In fact, the diary reveals the heavy attention to getting the landing gear stair right. Then it's on to animating the ship and seeing that it looks and moves great in-game.

It's overall a great behind-the-scenes look into how the Freelancer ship came into existence, and why it appears and functions the way it does.


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