Star Citizen unveils 300 Series ships

By Michael Jamias
star citizen 300 series ships

Take a sweet look at the 300 Series spacecraft cruising around soon in Star Citizen.

The Star Citizen 300 Series ships consists of four variants: The basic 300i jack of all trades, the 315p explorer, the 325a dogfighter and the speedy limited edition 350r racer.

All four variants can be purchased through the current week-long sale, either through buying them with the pledge packages or ala carte as add-ons.

Star Ship developer has come out with a stunning new video that displays what is just so amazing about these buy-to-pilot vessels.

Watch it below:

Among the four variants, the first that gets the spotlight is the base 300i ship with the other three getting their feature turns in the coming weeks.

The 300 series represent some of the most avidly anticipated ships in the upcoming virtual worlds game because of the extreme attention to detail given to each ship design.

Developers have said that "months of work" has been invested to create each vehicle, giving them a noticeable leg up in look and feel compared to the other spacecraft in Star Citizen.

The MMO developer has also released a brochure on the official Star Citizen website that displays the in-game rendering and extensive descriptions of each of the 300 Series.


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