Star Citizen soars past $10 million crowdfunding mark

By Michael Jamias
star citizen 10 million crowdfunding

Star Citizen has raised more than a combined $10 million and counting through its website and Kickstarter crowdfunding efforts.

Reaching the milestone, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium said that the team will be able to build their own motion capture studio, a facility which will "greatly expand our development capabilities for Star Citizen."

Also, the Roberts Space Industries website -- which functions as the central news hub for Star Citizen and its developer -- will be re-launched quite spectacularly through a 24-hour livestream. The re-launch will feature a full of load of new information about the space sim virtual worlds game.

While much of the $10 million was drawn from the pooled pledges of thousands of individual fan supporters, the developers sent out a special thanks to Star Citizen Danil Guschin whose pledge was the one that tipped the crowdfunding total past the $10 million marker.

A Moscow native, Danil inspired the mmo designers to unveil their work-in-progress concept art for the Moscow cityscape:

Danil will also come away with the MMO's very first Avenger spacecraft produced by the team, which will be unveiled in the future (but from the sound of it, sounds like a very cool and powerful ship.)


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