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Chris Roberts discusses change in Star Citizen engine
It seems that every change made in Star Citizen or announcement by Chris Roberts is endlessly dissected and discussed. The reason for this that the development of the virtual worlds mmo has become a form of entertainment being as the game has raised more money than most AAA titles have had and the long development time taken so far. People are staked out in opposite camps with one side believing that the game is going to blow everything away when...
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Dec 26 2016
star citizen alpha
The development of Star Citizen has been somewhat mythical. With record breaking crowdfunding milestones, incredibly expensive DLC bought months before anyone had any access to the game and one of the most binary fanbases going, Robert Space Industries really hasn't had it easy with this one. However, slow and steady wins the race and progress has been persistent, albeit glacial. This week marks the leap between the big 2.0 alpha release that we...
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Aug 26 2016
star citizen planetary landing
The great space race of the 21st century has been a virtual one and, unlike, the cold war era race for the final frontier, it has been relatively amicable between the big mmo superpowers. EVE Online, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen and No Man's Sky have all covered very similar ground, but the developers have all been quite civil, with the likes of Elite's David Braben even stating that he wanted all the big sci-fi mmo games to do well. That said...
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Dec 17 2015
star citizen alpha 2 0
It may be the end of the year, but that's not stopping Star Citizen from really hitting its stride. The Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 version has just been released and the virtual game also broke past the $100 million mark in its blistering crowdfunding campaign. Star Citizen's Chris Roberts said Alpha 2.0 is a "major breakthrough" headlined by space combat in a massive play area, first persona battles and multi-crew ships that allow for intergalacti...
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Dec 14 2015
star citizen 50000 test group
The tester population in Star Citizen seems accelerating to critical mass with another 50,000 players added in latest patch to the test server also known as Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 PTU. This means tens of thousands more MMO fans scrutinizing every aspect of and ridding bugs in the space simulation virtual worlds game.Developers seem to be ushering in so much more people on the test server in order to solve the server instability issues th...
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Nov 28 2015
star citizen concept art
Oh, Star Citizen, you're just so coy. After all this time, anything other than actual game play can be seen as a bit of a disappointing announcement from Robert Space Industries. Even the controversial ground ops PvP stuff would be more satisfying than the little snippets of promo and marketing that have been getting banded about for the mmo of late. With that in mind, you're probably already disappointed by the headline on this article - concep...
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Nov 19 2015
star citizen alpha 1 3 live
The first post merge patch of Star Citizen has been made available on the live server. Star Citizen Alpha 1.3 is the culmination of under the hood improvements, as well as updates to the flight model and gun sizes of ships in the space simiulation virtual worlds game.Players can expect the new patch to include a large expansion to the ArcCorp's Area 18, social interface overhaul and new emotes. Some semblance of balance is being attempted i...
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Oct 24 2015
Escapist joins Star Citizen Derek Smart feud
For those who love high internet drama, the ongoing Star Citizen Derek Smart feud is the gift that just keeps on giving. The fur has really been flying the last few months after Derek Smart has been rattling his saber through his blog and on social media demanding that CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) open their books to a full financial audit and accusing Chris Roberts of essentially running a scam on mmo gamers with promises that can never be deliver...
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Oct 22 2015
star citizen backers
Last week we reported on the ever popular, yet still technically fictitious space mmo, Star Citizen as it rose to dizzying new heights with over 900 thousand backers making a combined effort to accrue over $90 million worth of funds. Star Citizen is truly making waves and setting a pretty high bar for crowdfunded games everywhere and now they've achieved something that was never thought to be possible - 1 million backers. This leap is, as you m...
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Oct 13 2015
star citizen funds
Can it be? Really? Surely this whole thing has been a hoax. It's getting to the point now, with Star Citizen, that nobody would be surprised if the overlords at RSI just shut everything down and announced that the whole ordeal was just one giant social experiment to see how far a gamers would go to willingly bankroll mmo development. With close to 1 million backers the whole ordeal has been simply staggering, wrangling a fanbase and a budget tha...
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Oct 07 2015