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    Smeet: character
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    Smeet: room
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    Now that our room is looking better, let's head to the garden. It looks like we have a lot of work to do....
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Smeet is a free to play, social chat based MMORPG that can be played in any modern internet browser. As well as including a variety of exciting social features, Smeet is also supported by a large number of famous brands and celebrities such as Chicago Bulls, L.A Lakers, Snoop Dogg and T-Pain.

Smeet is all about socializing with other players and increasing your fame rating. There are tons of in-depth features you can use to increase your fame, which combines elements from a number of online game genres. Firstly, there's farming and gardening. Players are able to grow their own crops and raise their own animals in these activities, effectively adding 2 complete game types to a social platform. Players can expect similar tasks and game-play to popular MMORPG titles such as Farmerama. Others ways to earn fame include raising your own pet. The pet system includes a number of cool features such as teaching them tricks, and taking care of the pet by feeding and playing with them.

Every activity you perform in Smeet earns Smeet Fame Points, these points can be spent in a large variety of ways to increase your online presence. You can spend your fame points on a huge array of clothing items and accessories, personalizing your character with your unique, individual personality. You also get your own hangout in Smeet, which you can upgrade by purchasing furniture, ornaments and other items to make your hangout the coolest around. Every task, from gardening to upgrading your hangout, has a score and rating associated with it. Smeet includes a great high score board that lets you check how well you're doing compared to your friends.

Smeet features a large selection of mini-games that you can play alone, or with your Smeet friends. There's tons to choose from, including basic puzzle games, card games and more unique games such as cracking the code on a safe. Each mini-game will earn you Smeet Fame Points, and you can increase the amount you earn per game by beating your friends high scores and achievements. Smeet combines some of the most innovative virtual worlds social features with MMORPG game mechanics, creating one of the most diverse social based gaming communities on the internet.

By Rachel Rosen

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