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    Simcity Builtit: Construct
    Construct your very own city....
    Simcity Builtit: Construct

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    Simcity Builtit: Day Cycle
    City has a nice looking day and night cycle....
    Simcity Builtit: Day Cycle

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    Simcity Builtit: Build
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    Simcity Builtit: Build

    Simcity Builtit: Citizen

    Simcity Builtit: Citizen
    Build houses and shopping centers to keep citizens happy....
    Simcity Builtit: Citizen

SimCity 2013 Edition First Look Gameplay

SimCity 2013 Edition First Look Gameplay

Sim City is a virtual worlds game developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. Will Wright is the game designer that started working on the first Sim City game. This was happening almost 25 years ago in 1985. The SimCity franchise is part of gaming history. It was released for all major gaming platforms starting with early Amiga, Macintosh, Atari, Nintendo and later for PS, PC and Mac OS. Sim City is built using the new GlassBox game engine. When mobile operating systems became popular, Sim City Andoid and iOS versions were released. The goal of Sim City is simple but the game has plenty of features to deliver a complex gameplay. Sim City players are in charge of a city. The task sounds easy but there are lots of city development aspects that must be taken into consideration.

Players can manage one Sim City town or up to 16. There are different types of cities. You can opt for heavy industrialized cities or resorts with casinos and other entertainment facilities. A Sim City region can also have academic cities with universities, colleges and libraries. Each type of city has advantages and disadvantages. For example, academic cities improve research technologies but they have a high management cost. Casino cities produce a nice income but they have a high criminality rate. City updates are done in real time and you can see the impact of your actions on the spot. Sims are citizens living in a Sim City virtual world. Players’ action influence their mood and happiness. They can also become rich or poor. As mayors of a virtual city, Sim City players must take care of everything. From taxes and education to pollution and unemployment rate, all city aspects must be carefully considered. There are multiple city view options. You can see what buildings can be constructed on an empty spot, check what is the electricity coverage provided by a power plant and so on. Sim City is not all just fun and games. Sometimes a fire may break out. Specialized buildings that take care of emergencies must be placed in your city.

There is SimCity single and multiplayer content. Players can work together to develop their Sim City regions or compete against each other. Neighbor cities will influence your development. A friendly player can help you by sending resources as gifts. On the other hand, not all players have your best interest at heart. If the city next to you has industry that creates pollution this will make your Sim City citizens ill. Just like in MMO games, players can team up to build massive structures. The leaderboards keep track of all players’ progress. Sim City is constantly being updated with new content and challenges.

By Rachel Rosen

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