Second Life turns 10 with infographic and lavish bashes

By Michael Jamias
second life 10th year anniversary

Second Life, Linden Labs' pioneering virtual worlds game, becomes a decade old this Saturday, June 23.

To mark the milestone, the developer has released an infographic showing what ten years of Second Life has achieved -- from creating a sprawling 700-square-mile virtual land mass that has been so immersive that players have spent a combined 217,266 years in it.

See the infographic below:

second life 10th year anniversary infographic

The infographic gives us a glimpse of the prevalent trends in the virtual mmo. We can see the extreme popularity of women's hairstyles as a cash shop item, and the massive volume of transactions that occur in its virtual economy.

Second Life 10th year anniversary celebrations will also include cool in-game parties and limited-edition freebies. Second Life users themselves who are known to throw some pretty nice blowouts will also be organizing their own special shindigs.

As part of the promotion blitz for the anniversary, Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble gave an interview that shared his thoughts on what makes Second Life so special. He also discusses how the game has evolved throughout the years, and why users are still flocking to the game. He even previews a couple of upcoming improvements, particularly in the quality and speed of visual rendering, that should rev up long-time fans.


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