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Top five movies gamers love to watch
Movies and video games go together like peanut butter and jelly. They both feed the imagination with compelling stories, arresting visuals, and lots of action. It seems that mmorpg gamers are just as happy discussing the latest Marvel movie as they are talking about the latest build for their main online character. This visceral relationship has led to a number of games being made into movies, but the results have usually been very disappointing....
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Dec 01 2016
Can you make a living through mmo games?
Every person dreams of making tons of money by doing something that they love. No matter what the hobby or field of interest is, there exists a good number of people who hope to actually make a living by doing so. Heck, I once tried it myself by owning and operating a brick-and-mortar game and comic book shop. Even in the virtual world of online games, there are players that hope to earn enough money though mmorpg games to quit their day job and ...
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Mar 31 2016
second life mmo
If you've ever shown any interest in the virtual worlds side of mmo gaming, chances are you've stumbled upon the old classic, Second Life. Linden Labs are responsible for a significant chunk of the revolutions in virtual worlds gaming and granted a huge portion of legitimacy to the masses that wanted to command an awesome, virtual persona, but did 't necessarily want to level up, fight dragons or master the art of min-maxing. Second Life had bra...
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Apr 07 2015
second life 10th year anniversary
Second Life, Linden Labs' pioneering virtual worlds game, becomes a decade old this Saturday, June 23. To mark the milestone, the developer has released an infographic showing what ten years of Second Life has achieved -- from creating a sprawling 700-square-mile virtual land mass that has been so immersive that players have spent a combined 217,266 years in it. See the infographic below:The infographic gives us a glimpse of the prevalent t...
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Jun 21 2013