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    Second Life is an MMOG set in a modern world. Instead of battling monsters, like an RPG, you are living out your life and trying t...
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    Look for screens that appear to be YouTube browsers. These have videos that can show you clips or even give you rewards for watchi...
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    Second Life can feel like an in-depth multiplayer version of Sims. Once you have a place to live, it is time to customize it with ...
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Second Life (SL) is the most famous and most played virtual worlds game. It is developed and published by Linden Labs. Second Life is not just a game. There are no monsters to defeat or quests or other objectives specific to most video games. It’s a social platform where players, through their avatars, live a virtual life. In Second Life, players can do everything they want. There are no boundaries and one is limited only by imagination. This is one of the things that make Second Life such an appealing and addictive experience. You can drive the car of your dreams, visit the craziest locations or have a Second Life career that’s totally different from your real life. Even love stories or affairs are something normal in Second Life. 

A Second Life character or avatar is called resident. Saying that Second Life has lots of character customization options is simply not enough. The options are limitless and every player has the possibility to create a truly unique Second Life resident. You can choose to create an avatar that matches your real appearance and not just in terms of gender, height or hair color. Each physical detail can be changed to create your Second Life virtual copy. If you want a complete different look, that’s no problem. Second Life has 5 main avatar types: human, vampires, animals, robots or vehicles. Clothing and other accessories will complete your look. Your Second Life resident may even have more outfits than you. After creating a character, the Second Life virtual world adventure begins. New players are a bit disoriented at first because there are no goals or directions. A good idea is to travel from place to place and start making friends. Second Life has fictional locations like areas inhabited by elves and fairies or medieval towns. For those that like to keep in touch with reality there are plenty of restaurants, beaches, stores and practically any type of location you can think of. It’s more likely to start a conversation and make friends with players that share the same interests with you.

One controversial subject regarding Second Life is the in game economy. Second Life may be a virtual game but its economy is very real. Residents can buy Second Life properties, craft items and trade. Second Life currency is called Linden dollars and it can be exchanged for real cash. There are people who use their skills and marketing knowledge to make a nice income. For some, playing Second Life turned out to be more profitable than their real life job. However, not all Second Life residents are rich and making Linden dollars is not as easy task. The good news is that Second Life is a free MMO so anyone can give it a shot.

By Rachel Rosen


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