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SamuTale is a fantasy virtual world developed and published by MapleMedia. The game has an open world game where players are free to interact. SamuTale has sandbox gameplay that offers player housing and crafting. Players can team up and build settlements such as villages and even towns. The player housing system includes farms where animals can be raised. Gardens and orchards with plants and trees complete players homes. SamuTale doesn't have any classes. Players are free to equip any type of armor and weapon. The chosen equipment will dictate play style. This is a great feature because it lets players experiment with multiple roles on a single character.

Life in SamuTale revolves around player built villages. Players are free to construct their homes anywhere they like. It's possible to not be part of any village or clan but SamuTale is a MMO so social interaction will unlock more features and makes the game more fun. Clan villages belong to an alliance of players. Clan members build homes with farms where they take care of animals and grow crops. Players who decide to be farmers should expect plenty of things to do. There are herbs waiting to be gathered, trees to be chopped down and crops to be grown and harvested. Taking care of livestock is also part of a farmers duties. Players can also plant various flora and watch it as it completes its grow cycle. This feature makes the game world come alive. Providing food for the clan is an important business but there's more to the game than farming. PvP is allowed in the game world. The punishment for abusing other players can be pretty serious. Those who kill players in PvP gain the murderer status that comes with the temporary possibility of losing valuable items. SamuTale has action combat without tab targeting. The style is hack and slash. Players attack in the direction where they aim. Dodging and blocking attacks is possible.

The world of Kushiro becomes a battleground when clans go to war. SamuTale allows village raids. Enemies can attack at any time. Walls and reinforcement structures protect villages but skilled soldiers are needed as well. PvP players fight in clan wars and farmers provide resources for the entire community. SamuTale is one of the virtual worlds where each player contributes to its clan well being. Sandbox means player driven economy. Players are free to trade any items. There are no items that bind to a character. Game graphics mix cartoonish style with fantasy theme. SamuTale is a free to play game with VIP options.

By Rachel Rosen

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