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    Salem: start
    Salem is a sandbox style game that gives players the freedom to play how they want and explore the world. At first you start as a ...
    Salem: start

    Salem: clothes

    Salem: clothes
    Before picking a starting city, you need to 'create' your character. You customize yourself in this starting area. Talk to the var...
    Salem: clothes

    Salem: crafting

    Salem: crafting
    Like Ultima Online, Salem appears to have a robust crafting system. Gather items throughout the world and craft items to help you ...
    Salem: crafting

    Salem: actions

    Salem: actions
    Salem is not a role-playing game in the traditional sense. Instead of levels, characters have skills and actions. Your actions are...
    Salem: actions

Salem Online Gameplay

Salem Online Gameplay

Salem Online or Salem: The Crafting MMO is a free sandbox MMO developed by Seatribe and published by Paradox Interactive. Crafting and sandbox features are the main aspects that define Salem Online gameplay. Each player contributes to the game world by making permanent changes. Like all sandbox games, Salem Online doesn’t have any limitation or fixed rules. Players shape Salem Online landscapes by adding all sorts of constructions and buildings. Salem Online doesn’t have a class system. Players develop their playable Salem Online characters by picking up skills. Most of the skills are based on manufacturing, farming or crafting the most diverse items and tools.

One of the most controversial Salem Online feature is the PvP system. Salem Online has a permadeath system and open PvP zones. The death of a character doesn’t necessarily mean that players are out of Salem virtual world forever. To understand how this works, one must first understand how character development works in Salem Online. In most games, players are bound to play only a single character at a time. In Salem Online, players create a whole generation rather than just one character. In case of permadeath, players can continue their Salem Online adventure with their main character’s descendent. There are 3 main character skills: crafting, building and farming. Players produce all sorts of useful items with crafting. They also have the ability to build homes for themselves or different city structures. This is done using the building skill. Farming is all about setting up farms and tending to crops. Unwanted items can be sold to other Salem Online players for a nice profit. Salem Online currency is silver. Salem Online characters have 4 primary stats: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Blood is related to HP. Phlegm stat is basically the same thing with stamina or endurance. Yellow bile is important for combat. Black bile is similar to intelligence and affects learning capabilities.

Developers have chosen a fantasy setting for Salem Online. Adventures take place in New England somewhere around 17 century. Boston is the only Salem Online location not created by players. Boston is a safe haven and a social hub for Salem Online community. NPC vendors can also be found in Boston. The world beyond Boston borders is dangerous and filled with perils. Creatures of all sorts like witches and hidebehinds lurk in the shadows. PvP fights take place without restrictions. Despite of all this, there are still plenty of reasons for players to leave Boston and adventure into the wild. This is the whole purpose of Salem Online. Colonies and towns can be formed. Economy is entirely player created. Salem: The Crafting MMO is the kind of game that blends in sandbox features into a MMORPG world.

By Rachel Rosen


Salem has Arrived

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