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  • Roblox: builder mode

    Roblox: builder mode
    Playing in builder mode allows you to play alone and build your place....
    Roblox: builder mode

    Roblox: Map

    Roblox: Map
    Map of the place in which you can build....
    Roblox: Map

    Roblox: vehicles

    Roblox: vehicles
    You can build vehicles (buses,cars,airplanes) which you can drive around the map....
    Roblox: vehicles

    Roblox: shooting

    Roblox: shooting
    Joining different places means you can do different stuff like shooting racing and so on....
    Roblox: shooting

Roblox is a unique website that is a combination of both social networking and mini-games. Roblox is not a typical game designed by developers, instead it's a large assortment of games created and released by the community. Roblox uses a unique game engine that allows players to construct their own virtual games, as well as the type of game they want. From platform games to RPG titles and combat based MMO's.

The construction in Roblox can be compared to Lego and other child-like construction titles. There are literally millions of possible combinations of levels as it lets you construct everything from skyscrapers to in-depth landscapes with mountains and forests. The only limitation when you're building your place is your imagination. To program the game aspects of your level, Roblox uses a unique scripting language called Lua. Although the game is aimed at players as young as 6 years old, the scripting language has quite a steep learning curve but it's a great place to start for budding computer enthusiasts.

The social aspects of Roblox can be compared to popular sites such as Facebook and Myspace. There are hundreds of thousands of players, you can chat with them, add them to your friends list or get involved in a joint Roblox projects. Free players can construct 1 "place" on a free account, and you're able to visit any other players space during your time in the game. Certain areas and functions are restricted to users with a premium account but there's still plenty of content for the free to play players. You don't have to create a game inspired level design, instead you can opt to develop more social based levels such as a night club, a bar or a holiday resort.

There is no other game on the internet that compares to Roblox, the unique game and level design options are almost endless, allowing players to construct practically anything they can imagine. Combine this with the excellent social features and you have one of the most well designed MMO titles around.

By Rachel Rosen

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