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Explore the rich tapestry of African folklore and mythology in Rangi, the new 3D Virtual World developed by Funsoft and published by Digigo. Rangi is a puzzle-based adventure game that will challenge the most skilled of players as they explore the fantastical wilds of Africa. Based upon the Unity 3D engine, this addictive mobile game boasts an impressive 3D experience that is incredibly immersive, especially when considering the technological limitations of mobile devices.

Rangi is unique in that it takes its inspiration from the eternal mystery of the dark continent of Africa. The game is set in the mystical land of Ota where the people of Nchi live in harmony with the land due to the music giants that roam throughout the land. Sadly, this harmony has been disrupted by the conniving people of Zuluki, who have stolen the energy of the music giants, leaving them disorientated and lost. It is up to the gamer, playing as the heroic Guriki, to make things right by replenishing the giants' energy and restoring harmony and peace to the land. Such an endeavor is fraught with peril as the people of Zuluki will do everything possible to stop Guriki.

Players will delve into the rich fantasy world of Africa and work on solving challenging puzzles to further their exploration of the game's setting and complete their quest. Rangi features extremely immersive 3D visuals that most virtual worlds have not matched. The entire gameplay experience will immerse the player into the fabric of Africa, from the lush visuals of the colorful tribal art to the compelling rhythms of native music. Rangi offers players the chance to enjoy a poetic and mystical experience that is unlike any other.

By Jeff Francis


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