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    Visit various worlds
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    Visit various worlds


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Pixel Worlds Gameplay First Look - HD

Pixel Worlds Gameplay First Look - HD

Pixel Worlds is a free to play virtual world MMO developed and published by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment. Gameplay includes building, farming, trading and multiplayer. Sandbox features give players the opportunity to design their own worlds. The customization options are not missing. Players are given plenty of tools to personalize their creations. Pixel Worlds has farming and crafting systems. From building blocks to outfits, there are tons of player created items. The economy is player driven as well. Pixel Worlds social interaction allows players to visit their friends worlds, to share their creations with the community and to team up for events.

Pixel Worlds is one of the virtual world games that plays like a platformer from a 2D perspective. Players can build anything. Some choose to build dungeons while others prefer to create cute homes with personalized decorations. No matter what they choose to build, all players will need resources and materials. Blocks are used for building. These blocks are created using resources that are acquired from mining. Resources can be mixed in lots of ways to obtain different types of blocks. There are hundreds of available blocks and other materials. The crafting feature allows players to transform materials into all sorts of items. The list of items that can be crafted includes weapons, outfits, decorations, furniture and more. The complete list numbers more than a thousand different player created items. Pixel Worlds also has a farming system that gives players the chance to grow crops. The economy is in the hands of players. They are the ones that craft all the items and decide the prices. Rare items are valuable but common items like crafting materials and tools are in great demand as well. Pixel Worlds social interaction system offers competitive multiplayer. These activities also take place in player created worlds. Once every few weeks, players are invited to participate in live events.

The activities list includes quests and daily tasks. A tutorial teaches new players game basics. Pixel Worlds is not just a game for PC. Those who own a Mac system, an Android or iOS device, can play it as well and enjoy the same content. MMO systems and cross platform features enable users to interact in the same environment. Pixel Worlds is getting enriched with new activities and items on regular basis. The latest addition allows players to build Samurai themed worlds and to craft all sorts of related items such as weapons and apparel. Special crafting patterns like the shogun blueprints give players the chance to create a samurai themed set of armors. Pixel Worlds features cute graphics and it is available as a free game from Steam, Play Store and the App Store.

By Rachel Rosen

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