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  • OurWorld: clothes

    OurWorld: clothes
    As you earn credits in game, you can buy new clothes to wear around town....
    OurWorld: clothes

    OurWorld: missions

    OurWorld: missions
    Complete missions, known as challenges, for coins or flow....
    OurWorld: missions

    OurWorld: slots

    OurWorld: slots
    Spend flow to pull on this slot machine. This can give you coins, experience, furniture, and other rewards....
    OurWorld: slots

    OurWorld: jobs

    OurWorld: jobs
    At level 9, you can start a new job. This is another way to earn income in game....
    OurWorld: jobs

OurWorld is a virtual worlds mmo, developed and published by FlowPlay. OurWorld can be played on several online gaming platforms as well as social networks like Facebook. It is mainly aimed at a younger player base. OurWorld is a fun, casual game that can be played by adults too. Every player starts by creating an avatar in OurWorld. Characters can be either males or female. There are some predefined avatars from both genders to choose from. More customization is available once the player advances. Once a player steps into OurWorld game, there are lots of things to do. Players can interact between themselves. Clicking on a player's avatar, brings up an options menu. You can talk to players, invite them to a group or even challenge them to a dancing contest.

There are apartments in OurWorld virtual world. Each player has an apartment. Players can host events in their homes. There is a great selection of furniture, decorations and other gadgets for apartments. Players can gain them, receive them as gifts from other players or buy them. The user menu is the place where players can check out their avatars. All outfits and hair styles are stored in the inventory. There is a friend list where players can add friendly avatars. Appearance can be customized from the user menu. The challenges sub menu keeps track of a player's challenges. To get a challenge, a player must look for an NPC with an exclamation point above its head. For example, the first challenge in OurWorld mmo is to visit and move the furniture in your apartment. There are lots of places in OurWorld a player can visit. The first place is called the Boardwalk. Other places are unlocked when the avatar levels up. OurWorld avatars have 2 resources: coins and gems. They can be earned by playing mini games or taking part in other activities.

Virtual games online like OurWorld have lots of mini games. In Critter Derby, players can bet on critter races. Avatar can grow critters in their Critter Garden and use them to make coins. They can also join the Poker Cabana for a Texas Hold 'em game. There are dance contests. OurWorld has arcade games like Zuma, Bejeweled or Plants vs. Zombies. There is a multitude of puzzle or strategy games too. Players that fancy mini games will feel right at home in OurWorld. Progress can be saved by clicking the “Save” button. Checking out OurWorld doesn't require registration. Guests have some restrictions. For example, they cannot save their character. Registration is completely free. OurWorld is a free to play mmo with a cash shop.

By Rachel Rosen

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