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    Oh My Dollz: job
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Oh My Dollz is a fashion, decoration and flirting virtual worlds MMORPG available to play for free in the majority of internet browsers. Oh My Dollz is mainly aimed towards a teenage audience and has a very large population of female players, but there are also plenty of features that appeal to the male audience as well.

Oh My Dollz is all about socializing and customization, and the game includes great features for both aspects. As the game is filled with thousands of other players, you'll want to make sure your avatar and apartment stand out. Oh My Dollz uses a unique click and drag customization mechanic that allows you to express your individuality in hundreds of different ways. Whether you create a male or female avatar, there are hundreds of different items you can purchase for your avatar, all of which can be placed on your character manually. There are dozens of available items for various parts of your avatars body such as hairstyles, makeup, skirts, dresses, accessories and much, much more. Once you've chosen some items to wear, you can then mix and match, or even combine them, to create your unique appearance. In effect, this allows you to create your own unique fashion style by combining several different hairstyles or items of clothing into one unique outfit.

The same high quality customization is also added to your own personal apartment in Oh My Dollz. Every player gets their own personal space to decorate, hang out in, or invite friends over. To begin with your apartment is a little empty but there are thousands of items you can purchase to give it a personal touch. Using the same system as the character customization, players can combine many different items in their apartment to create a room unlike any other. You can create everything from a highrise overlooking the beautiful New York skyline, to a beach side resort shack. The only limits to creating your apartment in Oh My Dollz is your imagination. So what are you waiting for? Create your unique avatar from thousands of available items, pimp out your apartment with furniture, decorations and ornaments, and then get socializing with thousands of players from around the globe.

By Rachel Rosen

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