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  • Neo Pets: custom

    Neo Pets: custom
    Customize your pet with one of the many choices available. You can be anything from a yellow kitten to a red dragonling....
    Neo Pets: custom

    Neo Pets: slots

    Neo Pets: slots
    You can earn neopoints by playing mini games. If only I could win at the slots in Las Vegas!...
    Neo Pets: slots

    Neo Pets: explore

    Neo Pets: explore
    Do you want adventure? Head on over the explore tab and look at the different options available to you. Some adventures have prere...
    Neo Pets: explore

    Neo Pets: bazaar

    Neo Pets: bazaar
    The bazaar is the market hub in town. You can buy food, new pets, or just about anything else you need....
    Neo Pets: bazaar

NeoPets is a virtual worlds pet game, published by Nickelodeon. In NeoPets, players adopt virtual pets and take care of them. The adventures happen in a virtual world called Neotopia. There is a huge selection of available pets. There are 54 pets to choose from. Players can also pick visual features and personality traits for their pets. There are 4 stats a pet can have: strength, intelligence, speed and defense. Stats grow when a pet levels up. The battledome is the place where pets fight. Stats are very important when competing in the battledome. Pets must be fed. There are also lots of items that can be acquired for pets. Pets can have weapons or other equipment.

Besides battles, there are tons of activities to engage in NeoPets. There are over 150 mini games available. Players gain neopoints (NeoPets money) for playing mini games. Sutek's Tomb is a mini game where players have to arrange tiles in rows of 3, 4 or 5. Extreme Potato mini game is about counting potatoes. In Wingoball players must get the ball to a safe zone. Beach Volleyball is a classic game of volleyball. These are just a few of the most popular mini games in NeoPets virtual world. Each game has a difficulty setting that can be adjusted by the player. Neopoints are gained based on skill. An interesting aspect of NeoPets is the economy system. Players can do much more than trade items between themselves. There is a NeoPets stock market even. Players can start in game stores. The NeoPets banks give interest. NeoPets has a player housing feature. Each player starts with a basic home. The customization options are practically endless. There is even a weekly contest. Players with loveliest homes appear on the NeoPets website. NeoPets has a lot of activities that promote player interaction.

NeoPets world game is huge. There are main areas with lots of subzones that can be visited. Because of its graphic style, NeoPets is a game that will attract a very young playerbase. The mini games aren't really challenging for adults. The economy system is pretty much the only feature of NeoPets that will appeal to grown ups. NeoPets is a free to play mmo. Those who choose to pay the optional subscription fee get certain advantages. NeoPets has been translated into many languages. NeoPets world isn't restricted to the browser game. There are lots of NeoPets products (books, cards and many more). Each product has a code that can be exchanged in NeoPets virtual game for a reward.

By Rachel Rosen

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