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    My Candy Love: custom
    Customize your avatar however you want. Even down to her astrological sign....
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    Our friend here will guide us through the first few minutes or hours in the Candy Love world....
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My Candy Love is a free online virtual worlds game published by Beemoov. It's one of the free browser games directly targeted at teenage girls. My Candy Love is a game about flirting. As one can imagine, character customization is very important in My Candy Love. Young girls can choose various visual features for their avatar. There are lots of hair styles available with a multitude of colors. Outfits can be personalized too. You can even chose a horoscope sign. Rooms in My Candy Love can be decorated to match every player’s personality. Jewelry plays an important part too. Rings can be used to alter certain situations.

The goal in My Candy Love virtual world is to meet and charm boys. In each episode of My Candy Love, your avatar will be faced with different situations. You will make your own choices based on dialogue options or other actions. An episode can have various endings. You can replay episodes to explore all the possible endings. The game world has shops, cafes and schools. An avatar will get in touch with various NPCs. They will offer you quests and missions. Each completed tasks comes with a reward. The reward can be a new cool outfit, decorations for your room and much more. A My Candy Love avatar has 10 action points per day. Getting from one place to another or certain actions consume action points. If you are out of action points you have two options: wait until next day or buy some more.

The adventures in My Candy Love begin when you are transferred to a new high school. Some parts of your file are missing and you have to find them. At the new high school you will meet three boys. The first one is a model student while the second one is a bit of a rebel. Getting to know him will be a challenge. To your surprise, you find out that the third boy is an old friend of yours. He has a crush on you and transferred to be near you. There are 3 different endings for this first chapter. In episode 2 the principal will ask you to choose an activity. You can get involved in sports or gardening. The third episode brings a bit of action. You have to find the principal’s dog. There’s also a new boy that gets your attention. The more episodes you complete, situations will become even more complicated. My Candy Love virtual game can be played directly from your web browser.

By Rachel Rosen

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