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  • Monria: layout

    Monria: layout
    The layout of the game is very standard to your normal MMORPG....
    Monria: layout

    Monria: items

    Monria: items
    Items and clothe set are very strange at times but give the game a sci fi like feeling....
    Monria: items

    Monria: environment

    Monria: environment
    The environment of the game is very large and beautiful so it makes you want to explore....
    Monria: environment

    Monria: map

    Monria: map
    The maps in the game seem to be very big and not limited so you should have plenty of adventure ahead of you....
    Monria: map

Monria Gameplay First Look - HD

Monria Gameplay First Look - HD

Sci-fi collides with the Cthulhu Mythos in Monria, the new virtual world game developed by MindArk and Monria. This game within a game is the new moon set within the Entropia Universe and features a horror theme. Monria is a moon set within the game's universe and was sold for $150,000 to a group of investors in April of 2013. MindArk partnered with the moon's owners for its development and revenue generated will be shared by both parties.

Monria is a free to play mmo and features a real cash economy. Just as in Entropia Universe, players can not only spend real money but actually make real money from their activities in the game. This is a truly sandbox game where players choose how they wish to interact with the game. There are over a hundred different skills that a player can spend years leveling up. If a player chooses to concentrate on mining to gather resources to sell to other players or for crafting, then they can make that their principal focus. If they want to hunt down dangerous creatures for profit, then that's fine as well.

The moon called Monria features two lunar habitats, with each habitat having fifty apartments for sale and five shops. Each apartment is medium-sized and holds 150 item points. There are also four premium shops in Monria Hub and eight subsurface caverns for exploration. Monria also features new creatures, such as cultists, based upon the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft and new resources exclusive to this moon. Players can access the moon of Monria by going to the wormhole space station. There are also no mining or hunting taxes upon this moon.

The theme of Monria is the Cthulhu Mythos, which equates to unrelenting horror. The lore of this mythos is that man is incredibly insignificant in comparison to other creatures that are far older than mankind and come from other dimensions or the icy depths of space. These entities are so powerful and different that even seeing one can drive a normal person insane. To these entities, the human race is nothing more than insects that are so far beneath them that mankind is not even worthy of attention. However, many people became enamored of these dark creatures and have become to worship them. This is the dark reality that grips the moon of Monria.

Monria is open for exploration and is set within the confines of Entropia Universe, These virtual worlds offer a truly sandbox experience for gamers, but Monria adds the twist of the Cthulhu Mythos. Can your intrepid character survive on this moon with his sanity intact?

By Jeff Francis

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