Minecraft gets world record for largest playable area in a videogame

By Michael Jamias
minecraft world record largest playable area

The Guinness World Records 2014 Gamer's Edition is out, and it gave a nod to Minecraft for having the largest playable area in any videogame.

It's no surprise really given how the sandbox virtual game is designed. Minecraft's map is technically infinite so that "the further you go, the more land is generated," explained the judges.

When pushed to its absolute limit though the game world could expand to a mind-blowing maximum world size of 4,722,366,482,869,645 km² or 4.7 quadrillion km².

Plenty of other mmorpg games made this year's Guinness World Records list, including Runescape which holds the distinction of having the most fish in a videogame at 8 billion fish caught.

There are also interesting milestone factoids like how Everquest 2 implemented the first-ever videogame pizza delivery system so that you would only type /pizza in-game to jump to the Pizza Hut ordering site and get your slices.

The rest of the book contains gamer records on marathons, high scores, collections and other feats related to playing and owning videogames.

The paperback version is selling for around $8 while the Kindle version can be bought for roughly $10 on Amazon. Stateside and international fans can also look for it in leading bookstores.

If anything, owning this tome can net you a few more points in your next game trivia nights.


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