Minecraft Wii U rumors vanquished

By Tam Mageean
minecraft wii u

Around the time of Minecraft going live on Xbox 360, rumors were rife about there being a Nintendo Wii U version in development, and it made sense, and everyone just took it for granted, assuming it had to be true. Then, just before Christmas, the rumor was revived, and the likes of Nintendo Enthusiast, Games Enthusiast and The Examiner all published stories about the Wii U getting a port alongside the PS4 and Xbox One conversions in early 2014, complete with preliminary artwork. Again, the rumors made a lot of sense, and were treated as gospel, as Nintendo is one of the few corners of the mmo world; yet to be dominated by the Minecraft empire.

However, a crushing blow has been delivered to the Nintendo fanboys this morning as Minecraft's creator and leader of the virtual world, Markus 'Notch' Persson confessed that he actually knew nothing about a move to Nintendo.

"I am not aware of any plans to release a Wii U version of Minecraft" Notch admitted to his adoring Twitter army yesterday, and within moments the tweet went viral, invoking a panic amongst the minecraftians. Anyone who knows of Notch's "habits" will be aware of his tendency to stir up his followers were rumors and general trolling, so initially, many took it with a pinch of salt.

Unfortunately, the follow-up tweets were less promising; formally explaining that they lacked the manpower and addressing Nintendo professionally, so as to not burn any bridges.

As disappointing as this news is, it's unlikely that Mojang and Nintendo will get through 2014 without bumping into each other again. Fingers crossed!


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