Minecraft introduces a spectator mode

By Tam Mageean
minecraft spectator mode

Minecraft mods have turned the voxellated virtual world from being a survival sandbox into almost anything you want. Fan created PvP games like Spleef and Hunger Games have turned the mmo on its head, with many flocking to the game purely to play these minigames.

The influx of PvP attention has inspired the Minecraft grown-ups at Mojang, who have now added a new feature to support the competetive side of Minecraftia.

Minecraft's Spectator Mode will allow you to get in on the Spleef action without putting your block-headed buddy above the lava and will create an ideal environment for gamers who want to host tournaments on their servers.

The spectator mode is currently only available if you opt into Minecraft's "Snapshots" via the launcher. Selecting Snapshots allows you access to special, experimental features that Mojang are developing for the game, like a public test format, but they are often incredibly buggy, since one of their main purposes is to locate bugs prior to launch.

The spectator mode is already considered volatile by Mojang, who have described its performance as "only slightly buggy maybe sometimes" and "not 100% finished".

The spectators in the new mode are undetectable by players, but visible to other spectators, and will hopefully be able to fly by the next snapshot (flying currently gets you kicked on some servers).

As a spectator, you will be able to pass through walls, check out the inventories of players and view the game through a player's first-person view. You will not, however be able to interact with the environment (place blocks etc).

What do you guys think? Any games you would like to see a spectator mode in? Let us know in the comments section!


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