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Minecraft arrives on PS3

By Tam Mageean
minecraft ps3

It's on your PC, your tablet, your phone and your Xbox. The franchise has expanded into a series of books, toys, papercraft and even LEGO sets, and it still isn't ready to settle down. Continuing its quest for virtual worlds domination, multi-platformed Minecraft has now added the PlayStation 3 to its ever growing roster.

The PS3 port is available via the Sony Store in North America and Europe for around $20 and features HD support, creative mode, survival mode, 2-4 player split screen and up to 8 player online multiplayer. The 103MB download will also allow you to play on up to 2 different consoles using your Sony Entertainment Network account.

No special features have been announced for the PlayStation 3 version of the sandbox mmo, an it intends to run, and developed, "in tandem" with the other console versions of the game, although hints at Sony-skins have been released into the rumor mill by Mojang's very own Owen Hill. In a recent announcement, he also confirmed that no plans have been made yet to allow remote play or cross-platform compatibility with the PS Vita or the PlayStation 4.

A trial is available if you'd like to try it out first, but if you like any other version of Minecraft; chances are you'll enjoy it just as much with a PS3 controller in your hand.

Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition is available to play now, so go complete the set!

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