Minecraft Inducted Into the Museum of Modern Art's Video Game Exhibit

By Josh Wirtanen
Minecraft Inducted Into the Museum of Modern Art

The argument over whether or not video games are a legitmate form of art seems to have tipped largely toward the "yes, games are art" crowd. It's almost official, in fact, as the Museum of Modern Art in New York City opened up an exhibit celebrating fourteen video games last year.

Why? Well, here's how MoMA's website explains it: "The games are selected as outstanding examples of interaction design—a field that MoMA has already explored and collected extensively, and one of the most important and oft-discussed expressions of contemporary design creativity."

Seven more titles have been recently added to the exhibit, and, while most of them are from the 1970s and 80s, one particular game makes the case for modern gaming. The game that holds that honor is the loveable virtual world Minecraft.

If it comes as a surprise, just consider the fact that Minecraft epitomizes the phrase "breakout indie success," as it started as the brainchild of one man before it spilled into the homes of over 11 million PC owners and 7 million Xbox 360 enthusiasts. With the indie scene becoming a breeding ground for innovation in the games world, it's only proper that we as a community recognize this as an important piece of gaming history. And what better game to represent this shift in modern gaming than Minecraft?

We applaud the Museum of Modern Art for its efforts at helping legitimize what was once considered a pointless hobby for children, and offer congratulations to the odd little men at Mojang that brought Minecraft to life.

This may be a small victory for gaming in general and indie gaming in particular, but it's a victory nonetheless.

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