Prepare for floating islands in Minecraft's upcoming world generator

By Tam Mageean
minecraft generator

The world's favorite game, Minecraft, is taking the concept of virtual worlds to a whole new level in their next major update, by allowing players to customize their very own minecraftia around them.

Minecraft update 1.8 will grant players control of 16 sliders in their newly added Terrain Generator tool, which will vary things like sea level, number of dungeons, preformed structures and so much more. In addition to the slider tools, advanced terraformers can also type values in directly; increasing the number of potential landscapes exponentially. If exploring is more your thing, there'll also be seven terrains, created and preset by Mojang for you to wander around and enjoy, including one with floating islands, and another with water all the way up to the top of the map.

Reminiscent of the custom terrain creators from titles like Sim City and Command and Conquer, Mojang announced the new, upcoming, Terrain Generator function in a recent video, which you can view, in full, below.

No news yet on when the sandbox mmo will be seeing update 1.8, but hopefully, we'll be getting our hands on it soon.

What kind of Minecraft realms would you like to create in the new update? Let us know in the comments section.


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