Minecraft's documentary goes free on YouTube

By Tam Mageean
minecraft documentary

It has been one of the biggest Virtual Worlds successes in history, and to celebrate, Minecraft has placed its official documentary on YouTube, via 2 Player Productions' channel, completely ad free.

It's fair to say that the community had so much to do with Mojand and Minecraft's success; from the early alpha testing, to the waterfall support that rained onto the paid-for beta, via Mojang's website, the community provided the building blocks that have forged Mojangs now-giant empire, with console, handheld and even smartphone ports.

It's great to see Mojang give back, and nod to that by providing free access to Minecraft: The Story of Mojang, which takes us on an adventure from inception to the launch of Minecon present day, starring the likes of Notch, Peter Molyneux and the Yogscast crew, all paying their respects to the mighty sandbox MMO.

The documentary is packed with some great pieces of nostalgia, with some of the early Minecraft YouTube vlogs, such as "How to Survive your First Night" and even features some of the insanely grandiose builds and servers that inspired so many to hop onboard the Minecraft bandwagon.

Although the movie is free, the creators, 2 Player Productions have some options for you, if you'd like to further show your support and throw money at it:

Documentary Original Soundtrack by C418 - $7

DRM Free Digital Download of the Movie - $8

2-Disc DVD, featuring commentary, audio track and artwork - $20

All are available in the video's description. Enjoy!


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