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Everybody has a zombie plan of action. You know, just in-case. We've all picked out our safehouses, worked out where we'll get our resources, heck, we've even decided which of our friends gets left behind first to distract the faster zombies (we're sorry, Kyle). Growing up, there were a few pieces of media out there that truly allowed us to gather information and put our zombie survival stratagems to the test. Most notably, The Zombie Survival G...
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Sep 27 2016
minecraft wither
Despite its sandbox pedigree, Minecraft has always been destined for adventure. Even in the eary alpha and beta days when "survive the night" was the only objective, players were creating vast worlds, levels and lore for their own pleasure. From there, mod packs and eventual official updates to the mmo have gone on to create more directed gameplay, resulting in exploration and new worlds, along with the inclusion of things like the dreaded Ender...
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Aug 29 2016
minecraft wii u edition release
Nintendo console fans can begin digging and building to their heart's content with the Minecraft: Wii U Edition release in stores. With a price tag of $29.99, the Wii U edition comes packed with the same set of popular Minecraft add-on content packs that were included in the Nintendo eShop version of the virtual world game -- for free.Among the add-on content packs, the most anticipated would likely be the recently unleashed Super Mario Mash...
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Jun 20 2016
minecraf china release confirmed
If you think Minecraft can't get any bigger with its already 100 million registered players worldwide, then you may have to reconsider now that the sandbox MMO is confirmed to release in China. Mojang announced that it will be developing a Minecraft China versions for both mobile and PC platforms that are tailored to the gaming tastes of the most populous country in the world. No release dates have been announced yet. This special version will ...
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May 21 2016
Minecraft Super Mario Mash-Up Pack announced
There have been a number of incredibly popular and iconic video game characters over the years that players have loved. Some examples include Donkey Kong, Lara Croft, and Master Chief. Yet the most popular video game character is just a humble plumber by the name of Mario. Now players of the Minecraft virtual worlds mmo on the Wii U will soon be getting a hefty dose of all things Mario. Be prepared to hear his theme song rattling around inside yo...
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May 09 2016
Should mmo permadeath return?
One notable topic of discussion that periodically pops up in the virtual world of online games to cause some heated arguments is that of a character dying permanently. Few areas of online gaming are as divisive as that of mmo permadeath as players fall instantly into one of two camps. On one side are those that want to see permadeath mmorpg games developed and released, while the other side is against any form of permadeath showing up in their be...
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Mar 15 2016
minecraft movie
It's been a little while since we last heard news of the Minecraft movie. A fair few months ago, while the Minecraft franchise was branching into a "Story Mode" rpg game, the rumored Microsoft buyouts, console ports and oh, so much more, it emerged that a movie was in the making too. On top of everything else, this just sounded like somebody at Mojang was riding the hype train as far as they possibly could, but things are starting to come togeth...
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Feb 29 2016
minecraft pioneer award
I still remember getting a text off one of my friends, back in 2009, telling me telling me to check out this little website where a developer was working on a private project, known as Minecraft. On the site, there was a couple of screenshots of the game, it's menus and a polite statement talking about where the game had come from and, most notably, the fact that if you sent him a few dollars, to help with development, and he'd reward you with t...
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Feb 19 2016
minecraft overworld
There are so many different versions of Minecraft floating around these days that the poor devs must be struggling to keep up with which versions are where. Will they ever all be aligned? It's difficult to tell, but as it gets ported to more and more platforms, it's starting to look unlikely. If you've been playing on the Pocket Edition or taking part in the Windows 10 Edition Beta in particular, then you're one of the lucky mmo fans that'll be ...
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Feb 11 2016
Can the Minecraft Education Edition lead the way for other mmos?
There has always been a long running argument on the topic of whether video games can be educational or not. Such a debate has raged from when kids began to spend hours playing Pong decades ago up to today where parents have to almost literally pry their children off their favorite mobile games. There is no denying that Minecraft has sparked a revolution in online gaming, but it has also sparked one for education as well. Educators have been usin...
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Jan 30 2016