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  • Minecraft: world

    Minecraft: world
    Create your world. It is randomly generated. You can choose between survival, creative or hardcore modes....
    Minecraft: world

    Minecraft: cave

    Minecraft: cave
    Look for cave systems when you are starting a new world. These may lead you to higher tier minerals and let you quickly build a sh...
    Minecraft: cave

    Minecraft: craft

    Minecraft: craft
    Right click on a crafting table or hit 'e' to open your crafting window. You will use this window during your time in Minecraftia....
    Minecraft: craft

    Minecraft: light

    Minecraft: light
    Remember to bring and leave torches everywhere. Monsters spawn in darkness and it is very hard to see without these. Look for coal...
    Minecraft: light

Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft Gameplay

Minecraft is a virtual worlds game from independent developer Markus Persson that has captivated millions with its freeform world-building elements. Minecraft places you in a construction sandbox where you are allowed to create almost anything and everything you can imagine using three-dimensional blocks. Imagination and time are the only constraints in Minecraft. There are three game modes available. The first is Creative mode, which focuses on building impressive wonders such as a moat-surrounded castle or a sprawling rendition of New York City. Players have infinite number of blocks to work with in Creative mode, and are immune to damage which allows for unimpeded freedom to just build and build. Blocks can be made and destroyed instantly to allow for quick overhauls to your grand project. Players are even gifted with flight in Creative mode for them to better see – and screenshot – their created environment.

The next game mode is Survival. Just as it sounds, the goal here is to live through each day. Players start the game with nothing on them and must hurry before nightfall to search for items, scrounge for blocks, and use certain recipes to turn these blocks into tools. These tools along with more blocks will allow a player to construct a house – or something that resembles one – to keep them safe from the monsters that come out in the dark. Eventually, players will be able to build armor for better protection and sharp weapons for slaying monsters. There is an ending to Survival mode, but it requires a long, tedious process that resembles a grand quest in role-playing games. Minecraft has a third and final game mode: Hardcore. The content is identical to Survival mode, but with a punishing twist that a single death results in a permanent wipe of your world save. This means you will have to start all over again, which poses an elite challenge for the hardiest of Minecraft players.

All three game modes have multiplayer options, allowing for cooperative building and adventuring. Additional game modes are in the words, including Adventure and Capture the Flag. Adventure mode is rumored to restrict any and all creation and destruction of blocks. Instead, players will enter the world and in the traditional fashion of action RPG games, can only earn resources by looting slain mobs or bartering with NPC villagers. Capture the Flag mode, meanwhile, is a fun combat-based scenario where teams will fight for control of another team’s treasured item. Overall, fans have been most amazed at the flexibility of the Minecraft game engine and how the simple concept of block-building can provide hundreds of hours in engrossing playtime.

By Rachel Rosen


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